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CONAB reduces Brazil soybean, corn crop estimates

Brazil’s equivalent of the USDA has lowered its soybean and corn production outlooks. CONAB says the month-to-month cuts were because of weather, with planting delays and development issues due to hot, dry conditions in central growing areas and excessive moisture in the south. Numbers... Read More.

USDA reduces 2023 upland cotton guess

The USDA has lowered its expectations for the 2023 U.S. cotton crop. Upland cotton production is now estimated at 12.445 million bales, a decline 2% from November, with an average yield of 758 pounds per acre, 18 below a month ago and no changes... Read More.

USDA reduces 2023 red meat, poultry outlooks

The USDA has lowered its 2023 red meat and poultry production estimates. Beef production is seen at 26.932 billion pounds, down 44 million from October due reductions in steer and heifer slaughter canceling out higher cow slaughter and average dressed weights. The average steers... Read More.

USDA reduces cotton, rice crop estimates

The USDA has reduced its expectations for 2023 cotton and rice production. This year’s upland cotton crop is projected at 12.461 million bales, a reduction of 2% from September due to a lower yield guess to 759 pounds per acre, which canceled out a... Read More.

USDA reduces combined wheat outlook slightly

All wheat production is pegged at 1.734 billion bushels, a reduction of five million from July, with a fractionally lower yield guess, now at 45.8 bushels per acre, against slightly higher planted and harvested area numbers, at 49.8 million and 37.9 million acres,... Read More.

USDA reduces 2023 pork guess

The USDA made a slight downward adjustment for 2023 pork production, while increasing outlooks for beef, broilers, and turkey. Pork production is now pegged at 27.371 billion pounds, down 5 million from June due to slower second and third quarter slaughter projections, with an... Read More.

USDA reduces milk production outlook, raises prices

USDA has lowered its 2023 and 2023 milk production estimates because of lower cow inventories.  The agency says output-per-cow is likely to increase some in the last part of this year but not enough to make up for a smaller herd. In its September... Read More.

USDA reduces 2022 milk production projection

The USDA’s 2022 milk production projection is down slightly on the month due to expectations for slower growth in per cow production. Production is expected to be 226 billion pounds, 400 million under the June guess, and, if realized, 300 million below the 2021... Read More.