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Red meat as part of a balanced diet

In some instances red meat has gotten a bad rap when it comes being part of a balanced diet.  David Newman, senior vice president of market development for the National Pork Board says the benefits of red meat should be celebrated. AUDIO: Healthy Living on... Read More.

2023 red meat, poultry, dairy stocks down from 2022

2023 ended with tighter supplies of red meat and poultry in cold storage than 2022. The USDA says the red meat total at the end of last year was 929.03 million pounds, 99.198 million pounds less than the previous year, largely due to better... Read More.

Red meat, poultry stocks in cold storage tighten

Red meat and poultry stocks in cold storage at the end of January were below year ago levels. That’s due to a combination of lower rates of production and solid demand. The USDA says red meat stocks were 964.835 million pounds, down 11% from... Read More.

January red meat production a little bit above a year ago

U.S. red meat production was slightly larger in January 2024 than January 2023. The USDA says commercial red meat production to start the year was 4.768 billion pounds, a modest increase on the year, with beef and pork both up 2% at 2.281 billion... Read More.

The health benefits of red foods for Valentine’s Day

We’re often advised to eat the colors of the rainbow because each color contains different nutrients.  Since it’s Valentine’s Day and Heart Health Month, here are some fun facts about the red-hued foods we know and love. AUDIO: Healthy Living on benefits of red-hued... Read More.

December red meat production up on year

Domestic red meat production during December was up on the year. The USDA says production was 4.546 billion pounds, 2% more than December 2022, due to heavier weights for cattle and a faster slaughter pace for hogs. Beef production was 2% higher at 2.19... Read More.