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Fewer youth farm injuries, death rate same

A farm safety organization says there are fewer children getting injured on farms, but the child death rates haven’t changed much. Scott Heiberger with the National Farm Medicine Center says, “The fatal injuries are staying pretty stubborn, and it’s a little over one hundred... Read More.

MSU releases new cash rental rate resources

An extension educator says cash rental rates in Michigan are highly reflective of local dynamics. Jon LaPorte with Michigan State University tells Brownfield, “Some counties actually saw a little bit of a dip down in their rental rates where others definitely saw a huge... Read More.

Cash rental rate expectations for ’23

Four out of ten corn and soybeans growers surveyed in the latest Ag Economy Barometer expect farmland cash rental rates to rise in 2023. Jim Mintert, director of the Purdue University Center for Commercial Agriculture, says among respondents who expect rates to increase “27... Read More.