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Biomass-based diesel shifting from a commodity to premium product

A governing board member for Clean Fuels Alliance America says the growing biodiesel and renewable diesel industry has been bringing added value to farming operations. Dave Walton, who also raises soybeans, corn, alfalfa, and mixed hay and pastures in eastern Iowa, says the value... Read More.

Widely mixed month for dairy product production

The USDA’s reporting widely mixed month for dairy product production in September. The cheese total of 1.15 billion pounds was up 0.1% on the month, but down 0.3% on the year, with gains in American and Hispanic type cheeses canceling out losses for Italian... Read More.

Most dairy product production declining

The USDA says August dairy product production is continuing to decline alongside milk supplies. Total cheese production was down nearly 1.2 billion pounds, fractionally from last year and the prior month. Italian cheese production was down 0.6 percent on the year and slightly above... Read More.

Dairy product production sees slight declines

The USDA says July dairy product production is waning alongside reduced milk supplies. Total cheese production was nearly 1.2 billion pounds, down less than one percent from last year and the prior month. Italian cheese production was down 1.5 percent on the year and... Read More.

Dairy product production continues slowdown

USDA says cheese production is down from earlier this year, but the output is still higher than 2022 except for Italian-type cheeses. The total cheese output for June was 1.17 billion pounds, four-tenths of a percent higher than a year ago, but down 2.8%... Read More.

Beef, soybean product export sales up on week

Beef and soybean products export sales for the week ending May 18th were the highlights of the USDA’s weekly numbers. Beef sales were up on the week and above average, with Japan, South Korea, and China topping the list. Soybean meal and oil... Read More.

How consumers can influence product development

Certified Angus Beef recently announced it was expanding its beef offerings to include grass-fed as an option. John Stika, president of CAB tells Brownfield the organization has partnered with Niman Ranch to meet evolving consumer demands. AUDIO: Healthy Living on meeting consumer preference

Most dairy product production up for February

The USDA says February dairy product production was mostly up on the year keeping pace with milk supply growth. Matt Herrick with the International Dairy Foods Association tells Brownfield butter demand has remained strong, especially for exports. “Our export market for butter was... Read More.