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Credit coming for decades old soil health practices

Farmers who’ve been implementing soil health practices for years aren’t always recognized for that work in new voluntary carbon market programs, because companies who want to reduce their carbon footprint “they’re looking for new tons of carbon to be sequestered.” But Alan Weber with... Read More.

Dairy cooperative incentivizes climate-smart practices through USDA grant

A dairy cooperative incentivizes climate-smart practices through a USDA grant. Tim Trotter from Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative and Farmers for Sustainable Food says the 50-million-dollar grant helps them line up their farms with commodity opportunities under USDA’s Climate Smart Commodities program. “So, it’s... Read More.

MSU Drainage Workshop breaks down installation practices

Researchers at Michigan State University are promoting tile drainage structure design as a way to reduce nutrient loss. Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering researcher Ehsan Ghane tells Brownfield controlled drainage systems are even more efficient at managing water movement than traditional field tiling. “The reason they... Read More.