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USDA raises 2024 red meat production, lowers poultry

The USDA has increased its 2024 U.S. red meat production guess, while lowering the outlook for poultry. Beef production is projected at 26.655 billion pounds, up 65 million from June on expectations for higher steer and heifer slaughter to cancel out a lower cow... Read More.

Red meat, poultry in cold storage below a year ago

U.S. red meat in cold storage fell below year ago levels. The USDA says red meat stocks at the end of May were 5% lower than last year at 929.67 million pounds, reflecting good demand, partially canceling out the year-to-year increase in monthly production.... Read More.

May U.S. poultry below previous year

U.S. poultry production declined in May. The USDA says 4.5 billion pounds of poultry were certified wholesome last month, down 2% from May 2023, with slaughter and total live weight lower for both chickens and turkeys. That decrease in slaughter, especially for turkeys, can... Read More.

Pork, poultry production guesses above last month

The USDA’s 2024 pork, broiler, and turkey production estimates were up on the month, while beef and eggs were down. Beef production is seen at 26.59 billion pounds, 5 million less than May on higher dressed weights canceling out an expected lower slaughter, with... Read More.

Vilsack expects poultry line speed waiver extensions

Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says USDA will likely extend the waivers allowing faster poultry processing line speeds.  He says, “I think we will see an extension of this because we want to make sure we get the right information about whether or not... Read More.

2023 red meat, poultry, dairy stocks down from 2022

2023 ended with tighter supplies of red meat and poultry in cold storage than 2022. The USDA says the red meat total at the end of last year was 929.03 million pounds, 99.198 million pounds less than the previous year, largely due to better... Read More.

2023 poultry production tops 2022

U.S. poultry production in 2023 was 52.58 billion pounds, an increase of 439.663 million pounds from 2022. The USDA says most of that was chicken at 46.975 billion pounds, up 196.257 million on the year, with turkey at 5.457 billion pounds, 234.676 million more... Read More.

Red meat, poultry stocks in cold storage tighten

Red meat and poultry stocks in cold storage at the end of January were below year ago levels. That’s due to a combination of lower rates of production and solid demand. The USDA says red meat stocks were 964.835 million pounds, down 11% from... Read More.

January poultry production up on year

4.547 billion pounds of poultry were certified wholesome in January 2024. The USDA says that’s 2% more than in January 2023, with a 2% increase for chicken to 4.099 billion pounds canceling out a 2% decrease in turkey to 435.162 million. The chicken slaughter and... Read More.

Iowa House subcommittee passes poultry processing bill

A bill in the Iowa House would help increase processing opportunities for small-scale poultry processors and producers. Iowa Ag Secretary Mike Naig proposed the legislation and tells Brownfield it would allow poultry establishments to perform official inspected and custom-exempt processing at the same facility. “If... Read More.

Decline for December poultry production

Domestic poultry production dropped during December. The USDA says 4.062 billion pounds of poultry were certified wholesome, a down 6% on the year, including 3.657 billion pounds of chicken, 6% lower, and 393.012 million pounds of turkey, a decrease of 5%. Those declines were due... Read More.