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ASA says there’s potential for new biotech soy varieties

The director of government affairs for the American Soybean Association says farmers can benefit from advancements in technology. Kyle Kunkler says developers are developing new specialty soybean varieties to meet market demand.  “Developers are introducing new genes that will produce certain proteins that are going to better suit these... Read More.

Reaching Full Yield Potential

Reaching full crop yield potential is a goal for every farmer. On this episode of Managing for Profit, an expert with Helena discusses how Fullscale equips crops with a combination of beneficial plant extracts and micronutrients at critical growth stages. ...

Vilsack points to CCC as potential farm bill solution

Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says funding continues to be a major holdup in farm bill negotiations. “We’re still waiting for the House and Senate to put on the table what they are looking at, and I’ve continued to indicate a willingness to sit down... Read More.

Ag industry lauds potential of sustainable aviation fuel

A governing board member for Clean Fuels Alliance America says sustainable aviation fuel is a groundbreaking market for the ag industry. Greg Anderson tells Brownfield the next six years will change the clean fuels landscape. “There aren’t great quantities of sustainable aviation fuel, or... Read More.

Profit potential remains in the cattle market

A livestock economist says as long as demand holds, there’s still a lot of upside potential in the cattle markets. Brenda Boetel with the University of Wisconsin-River Falls says beef prices are high and the question remains how long consumers will continue to pay... Read More.