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Indiana planting is nearing the finish line

After battling wet weather this planting season, the forecast is expected to turn hot and dry this week. According to the latest crop progress and conditions report from the USDA, ​97 percent of corn has been planted, a ​3 percent jump on the week... Read More.

Planting wrapping up in Iowa

Corn and soybean planting is wrapping up across Iowa. USDA’s latest weekly crop report says there were more than five days suitable for fieldwork last week, allowing farmers to finish planting, replant, cut hay, and spray crops. Corn emergence is at 95 percent with... Read More.

Managing Delayed Planting

In this Unlocking Potential with Advanced Agrilytics, Dr. Kess Berg, chief innovation officer and founder of Advanced Agrilytics, offers his insight on how to manage your operation during a shortened growing season. Click here to learn more about Advanced Agrilytics. The post Managing Delayed Planting... Read More.

Farmers start to make late planting adjustments

A soybean and small grains agronomist says the number one factor in loss of soybean yield is late planting date. Ohio State University’s Laura Lindsey says about 12 percent of the state’s soybeans still need to be planted. “As we enter, into more mid June,... Read More.

Cooler weather dampening planting prospects

Cooler weather and a little precipitation have slowed down activity in midwestern fields. Central Illinois farmer Derek Martin tells Brownfield any moisture is welcome… “We were dry last fall, barely got any snow or any rain over the winter, and definitely excited to see the... Read More.

Ohio preparing for spring planting

March in Ohio was warm, with near normal precipitation ahead of spring planting. The USDA says the average statewide temperature was 6 degrees above normal while precipitation was in-line with the usual levels keeping soil moisture conditions above a year ago ahead of widespread... Read More.

Seed salesmen see no major rotation changes ahead of planting

Seed salesmen say there are no big shifts in planting plans.  With commodity prices low and margins tight, some seed salesmen tell Brownfield most farmers are sticking to their rotation plans.  Ben Puestow manages sales in Wisconsin for Beck’s Hybrids. He says, “When we... Read More.

Planting has started in Arkansas

Spring planting is underway in parts of Arkansas. The USDA says a mostly dry pattern at the end of the month allowed for early corn, soybean, and even rice planting in some areas, while other parts of the state were able to till ahead... Read More.

Could a dry planting season repeat 2023?

An agronomist says the fading El Niño weather pattern will likely coincide with an early planting season. Mitch Roth tells Brownfield the warm, dry conditions in the northern U.S. might be ideal for fieldwork, but, “It can also be problematic if it stays dry.”... Read More.

Early planting brings damping off considerations

A Pioneer agronomist says wet and cold planting conditions can increase the potential of seedling diseases.   Matt Montgomery says farmers could see an increased risk of damping off – the rotting of seeds in the soil and destruction of newly emerged seedlings by... Read More.

Farmers say more soil moisture needed before spring planting

Midwest farmers say the mild winter might allow for earlier spring planting, but additional soil moisture is needed for a good start this spring. Josh Manske, a farmer in northern Iowa, says soil conditions are drier than usual as spring fertilizer is being applied... Read More.

Planting Rate Research and Results

The average US soybean yield has doubled over the last 60 years thanks in part to farmer-led efforts to advance soy research. On this week’s episode of Seeds of Success, a leader with the Iowa Soybean Association says ISA’s Research Center continues to combine... Read More.