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Red meat as part of a balanced diet

In some instances red meat has gotten a bad rap when it comes being part of a balanced diet.  David Newman, senior vice president of market development for the National Pork Board says the benefits of red meat should be celebrated. AUDIO: Healthy Living on... Read More.

Soy is Part of the Solution for Animal Agriculture

Did you know the number one consumer of soybeans is the animal agriculture sector?  Specifically the swine industry. In this Managing for Profit, Brock Willard an Illinois soybean farmer says soybean meal helps the animal feed industry to provide top notch nutrition. ...

Sorghum seen as part of global hunger solution

Sorghum is being promoted as a solution to global food insecurity. Sorghum United CEO Nate Blum says countries like Kenya are seeing crop failures due to extreme weather. “Where maize has failed. And not that there’s anything wrong with maize, but it uses more... Read More.

Farmers play a part in decarbonizing ethanol

A soil health expert in southeastern Iowa says farmers have a role to play in helping decarbonize the U.S. ethanol industry. Mitchell Hora with Continuum Ag, a soil health intelligence company, says farmers can get rewarded for implementing conservation practices on the farm from... Read More.