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Nitrogen loss from excess moisture in Minnesota fields

Oversaturated soils are resulting in lost crop nutrients. University of Minnesota Extension educator Brad Carlson says many fields are several inches above water-holding capacity. “The loss processes of nitrogen are water-based. So when we have saturated conditions that’s when we’re at high risk for... Read More.

Warm winter raises nitrogen concerns this spring

An Illinois agronomist is worried the warm winter could lead to nitrogen problems this growing season. Pioneer field agronomist in west central Illinois, Matt Montgomery tells Brownfield… “Nitrogen applications ran through a really warm spell, and I think people are going to want to watch... Read More.

Spring nitrogen stabilizer worth the investment

A nutrient management specialist suggests a spring nitrogen stabilizer is worth the investment. Chris Kluemke with Corteva Agriscience tells Brownfield many farmers understand why a stabilizer should be used in the fall. “However, many of those same farmers will tell me they don’t need to... Read More.

Pre-plant nitrogen can help some soybeans

A team of soybean researchers says a little pre-plant nitrogen might help. Mark Kendall with the University of Wisconsin tells Brownfield they’ve been looking at conventional and no-till soybeans following corn.  He says seedlings have more corn residue to grow through, and having some... Read More.

Cashing in on residual nitrogen

Drought was a problem for many farmers in 2023, but a soil scientist suggests a silver lining for corn growers is potentially usable nitrates for the upcoming growing season. And Brad Carlson with the University of Minnesota tells Brownfield a soil test preplant... Read More.