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Wet conditions dampen crop conditions in southwest Minnesota

National crop condition ratings are higher compared to the past several years, but southwest Minnesota farmer Bryan Biegler tells Brownfield that’s not the case on his farm. “We have a lot more unevenness out in the field this year.” He says frequent rains delayed... Read More.

Minnesota Biofuels director frustrated by EPA GREET delay

The director of the Minnesota Biofuels Association is frustrated EPA delayed updates to certain transportation emission standards. Brian Werner tells Brownfield the agency missed a self-imposed March 1st deadline to announce an updated Greenhouse Gases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy Use in Transportation, or GREET... Read More.

Sorenson new Minnesota Wheat executive director

Minnesota Wheat has a new executive director. Brian Sorenson will begin his position April 2nd and tells Brownfield spending the past six years as a program manager for the Northern Crops Institute helped prepare him for the role. “I’ve worked very closely with people from... Read More.

Another record year for E15 sales in Minnesota

2023 was another record year for E15 sales in Minnesota. Brian Werner with the Minnesota Biofuels Association tells Brownfield data from the Department of Commerce shows the state sold more than 127 million gallons of fuel blended with 15 percent ethanol last year. “And it... Read More.

Minnesota farmer factors mild winter into cropping plans

A southcentral Minnesota farmer is factoring mild winter conditions into her plans for the upcoming growing season. Rose Wendinger of St. James says it’s been warmer and drier than normal the past few months. “We’re looking at all the research that we can for our... Read More.

Minnesota farmer says regulations “always at the forefront”

Regulations impacting agriculture remain a major topic at this year’s Commodity Classic. Southeast Minnesota corn and soybean grower Darin Johnson says state and federal regulatory issues are a constant battle. “Try to make sure farmers are able to farm the way that they have and... Read More.

Dry conditions a concern in Minnesota

Dry, warm conditions have some farmers in Minnesota on edge. The USDA says February was warm and dry for most of the state, leaving forage crops open to potential winterkill and potentially impacting spring planting. Even with that dry weather for much of the month,... Read More.