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H5N1 causing minor death loss in dairy cattle

Iowa’s Ag Secretary says some dairies are experiencing minor death loss after herds have tested positive for H5N1. Mike Naig says among the eight cases in northwest Iowa, some livestock have died. “We are hearing about some death loss on dairy farms, but really... Read More.

Nitrogen loss from excess moisture in Minnesota fields

Oversaturated soils are resulting in lost crop nutrients. University of Minnesota Extension educator Brad Carlson says many fields are several inches above water-holding capacity. “The loss processes of nitrogen are water-based. So when we have saturated conditions that’s when we’re at high risk for... Read More.

Congressman questions lack of Milk Loss payments to cooperatives

A New York Congressman wants to know why dairy farmers and cooperatives impacted by storms have not received promised assistance. Republican Nick Langworthy told Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack during a House Ag Committee hearing Wednesday winter storm Elliot ravaged the northeast in December of... Read More.