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Michigan 4-H license plate approval nears

A state 4-H license plate program will be considered by Michigan’s full Senate after recently passing out of committee with unanimous support. Michigan’s state 4-H leader Julie Shultz says in 2021, the organization removed its membership fees to reduce financial barriers for families. “However, it... Read More.

New IL license classification could ease rural driver shortage 

A new driver’s license classification in Illinois could help ease the shortage of rural bus and truck drivers. Rodney Knittle, associate director of transportation at Illinois Farm Bureau (IFB), says the new “J-52” designation would make a significant change for license holders… “Currently a person... Read More.

Purdue issues short-stature corn license

Short-stature popcorn developed by Purdue University researchers is getting closer to commercialization. An exclusive license for the non-GMO trait, called D16, has been issued by Purdue Innovates Office of Technology Commercialization to Romney-based Ag Alumni Seed. President and CEO Jay Hulbert tells Brownfield they have... Read More.