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Lessons from fast-food restaurants

Commentary. AI is all the buzz these days. The first time I overheard someone mention AI, my thoughts went straight to our tank filled with liquid nitrogen, keeping bovine semen and embryos in a super-cooled state until we are ready to use them to impregnate... Read More.

Barton Community College Offering Guitar Lessons

By Joe Vinduska GREAT BEND, Kan. - Barton Community College is accepting students for individual lessons and a group guitar class this fall, and all classes will be taught by the new instructor, Aleia Gonzalez, a world-class guitar player... Read More.

Farm Bureau Insight: Fair Life Lessons

By Greg Doering KANSAS – In a few days, the local county fair will kick off marking the beginning of summer’s end as classes begin in the following weeks. But for a few short, hot days, the fair offers a little bit of everything for... Read More.

Kansas OKs Bill on Opting Kids out of LGBTQ-Themed Lessons

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Kansas lawmakers approved a bill Thursday aimed at helping parents opt their children out of public school lessons with LGBTQ-themed materials, as a Democratic lawmaker whose vote was crucial to banning transgender female athletes from girls' and women's sports faced... Read More.