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Lawmakers ask USTR to open biofuel markets

Midwest lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives sent letters to the Biden administration this week asking for expanded market access for U.S. biofuels and continued engagement with Brazil on its import tariff for U.S. ethanol. Brazil’s import tariff on U.S. ethanol has been... Read More.

Time is now to call lawmakers to action

Commentary. Many state commodity organizations and other agricultural membership groups are heading to Washington, D.C. in coming weeks to meet with the lawmakers that represent them there. The importance of these visits and of a united voice for agriculture reaching U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators... Read More.

Lawmakers discuss SNAP funding during House Ag Committee hearing

Some lawmakers say food security needs to be the top priority in farm bill discussions. During a House Ag Committee hearing Wednesday, Ranking Member David Scott of Georgia said hunger cannot be overlooked. “We want to reduce hunger. Hunger is a serious problem.” He says... Read More.

Wisconsin lawmakers hold hearings on two ag-related tax proposals

Wisconsin lawmakers held committee hearings on two ag-related tax bills Thursday. Jordan Lamb is an attorney and lobbyist, and she tells Brownfield the bills would allow both Evansville and Stevens Point to create tax incremental financing districts for new development beyond the existing limits.... Read More.

Wisconsin farmers meet with lawmakers

Farmers from many organizations were in Madison Wednesday to lobby for the legislation important to their operations.  Farmers were briefed on several bills currently before the State Assembly and Senate before visiting with lawmakers.  A panel of lawmakers also talked about some of... Read More.

Foreign ag land executive order gives MO lawmakers more time

The chairman of Missouri Senate’s Agriculture Committee says the governor’s executive order on foreign ag land ownership takes the pressure off lawmakers to reach an agreement quickly this session. Jason Bean tells Brownfield “I think that gives us time to do what’s necessary: meet... Read More.

Lawmakers start working on budget

Congress is working out the details of a new budget after an agreement was reached on a $1.6 trillion funding limit over the weekend and an agricultural lobbyist says the work will take priority over advancing a new farm bill. Randy Russell with the... Read More.

Bicameral lawmakers press OMB to finalize E15 rule

The Biden administration is being pressed by lawmakers to finalize a rule that would allow year-round E15 sales in eight Midwestern states. A bipartisan and bicameral group sent a follow-up letter urging EPA and the Office of Management and Budget to implement their outstanding... Read More.

Lawmakers step in to help reopen closed railway

A U.S. Senator from Kansas says a closed rail passage connecting the United States and Mexico needs to reopen soon and if it doesn’t it might have lasting impacts for trade and U.S. agriculture. Roger Marshall tells Brownfield trains from Kansas are on hold... Read More.