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Keep an eye on nitrogen following a warmer, wetter winter

A midwestern agronomist recommends farmers keep an eye on nitrogen levels following warmer and wetter conditions. Wyffels Hybrids Agronomy Manager Eric Wilson tells Brownfield winter weather has varied across the Corn Belt. “Some areas up into Minnesota they are talking about possibly the wettest winter on... Read More.

Dairy groups say keep flavored milk in school

Dairy groups are encouraging USDA to maintain flavored milk standards in school meal programs. Matt Herrick, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications, with the International Dairy Foods Association tells Brownfield two proposals have been made on milk as part of new school... Read More.

Keep your fields clean in 2023

Soybean growers are searching for ways to control weeds and Corteva Agriscience market development specialist Will Tubbs says because of herbicide resistance, a one pass weed control program is not going to cut it. He tells Brownfield the Enlist System is a responsible, effective,... Read More.

Consumers keep buying pork

Consumer demand for pork has held strong despite a more than 30 percent increase in retail pork prices over the past few years. But, Ag Economist Jayson Lusk with Purdue University says a recent survey by the university shows that consumers are starting to... Read More.

Keep safety in mind when transporting anhydrous ammonia

Farmers and retailers are encouraged to keep safety at the forefront when transporting anhydrous ammonia this fall. KJ Johnson, President of the Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association tells Brownfield a vehicle pulling ammonia tanks should not go any faster than 25 miles per hour, with... Read More.

CME milk futures and cash dairy prices keep sliding

Milk futures and cash dairy prices dropped again Friday on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange with a couple of exceptions. November Class III milk was down $0.18 at $20.21.  December was up $0.01 at $18.81.  January was down $0.01 at $18.90.  February was down $0.05... Read More.

CME milk futures and cash dairy prices keep falling

Most milk futures and cash dairy prices continued to fall Thursday on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. November Class III milk was down $0.08 at $20.39.  December was down $0.30 at $18.80.  January was down $0.22 at $18.91.  February was down $0.06 at $19.27.  March... Read More.

Emergency trainings keep ag officials prepared

Michigan’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Director tells Brownfield emergency trainings are helping the state mitigate the spread of disease and invasive species. Gary McDowell says, “This year alone we have done 10 exercises, we call them our sampling teams, where every employee... Read More.

Senators want to keep sugar policy as is

A bipartisan group of U.S. Senators is urging the Ag Secretary to reject efforts to weaken the current sugar policy. They say while the U.S. is adequately supplied, it’s important that USDA not make changes that would create a glut in the market and... Read More.