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Closing Grain and Livestock Futures: June 12, 2024

Jul. corn closed at $4.54 and 1/4, up 4 and 3/4 centsJul. soybeans closed at $11.77 and 1/4, down 3/4 centJul. soybean meal closed at $360.20, up 90 centsJul. soybean oil closed at 43.79, up 12 pointsJul. wheat closed... Read More.

Closing Grain and Livestock Futures: June 11, 2024

Jul. corn closed at $4.49 and 1/2, down 2 and 1/4 centsJul. soybeans closed at $11.78, down 10 and 1/4 centsJul. soybean meal closed at $359.30, down $8.70Jul. soybean oil closed at 43.67, up 1 pointJul. wheat closed at... Read More.

City of Lyons Council Meeting Highlights June 3, 2024

By Lucky Kidd LYONS, Kan. - The Lyons City Council Monday approved a revised ordinance dealing with alcoholic beverages. The ordinance makes multiple amendments to bring it into compliance with current state liquor laws.City Administrator Eddy Truelove said this includes an expansion of definitions, which... Read More.

City Mosquito Spraying Scheduled for Week of June 3, 2024

By the City of McPherson McPHERSON Kan. — To proactively address a significant mosquito breeding issue exacerbated by recent moisture, the City of McPherson has scheduled selective spraying for mosquitoes in our parks, golf course, cemetery, and... Read More.