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Iowa seeks USDA resources to combat H5N1

U.S. Congressman Zach Nunn says he has requested resources from USDA that would help support poultry and dairy farmers impacted by H5N1 Influenza A. “One of the things we need to be identifying here is what we can do to move, help monitor and... Read More.

H5N1 detected in third Iowa dairy herd

Highly pathogenic avian influenza has been detected in a third Iowa dairy herd. The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship says the case involves a farm in Sioux County in the northwest part of the state. Dairy producers are instructed to contact their herd... Read More.

Pest emergence continues in Iowa crop fields

An extension agronomist says a variety of pests have been emerging during the growing season. Meaghan Anderson with Iowa State University says she’s been monitoring True Armyworms. “Especially in some of these heavy cover crop fields,” she said. “I think those may be on... Read More.

Iowa Corn 350 NASCAR race showcases ethanol

Ethanol will be on full display during a NASCAR event this weekend. Iowa Corn Growers Association president Jolene Riessen says the Iowa Corn 350 Cup Series Race is a great way to promote the industry. “That’s our new ‘Pump it Up’ campaign, getting people excited... Read More.

Iowa soybean farmers to celebrate National Soy Foods Month in April

An Iowa Soybean Association director says soy is a valuable protein source. April Hemmes tells Brownfield soybeans are packed with other nutrients including B vitamins, fiber, iron, calcium and phytonutrients. “When farmers think about soy, you don’t automatically go to the human use and... Read More.

Iowa farmer has ‘never seen it this dry before’

Recent low pressure systems dropped some much-needed precipitation across parts of the Corn Belt. Eastern Iowa farmer Lance Lillibridge says his farm received significant snowfall. “We did get 8 inches of snow last Friday and it was amazing to watch that snow melt,” he... Read More.

Iowa farmer gearing up for spring fieldwork

A south-central Iowa farmer is preparing to begin spring fieldwork. Warren Bachman of Osceola says all his fertilizer was applied in the fall. “Basically other than changing the oil in a couple of tractors and greasing the corn planter and getting it out of the... Read More.