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Contact crop insurance agent before replanting

A crop insurance specialist says farmers considering replant options need to contact their agent. Jack Young, a vice president of crop insurance with Farm Credit Illinois, tells Brownfield… “Whenever you think you may have a replant situation, let’s talk through it and then let’s turn... Read More.

USDA expands blueberry crop insurance in Michigan

USDA’s Risk Management Agency is expanding crop insurance options for Michigan blueberry growers next year. RMA regional director Brian Frieden tells Brownfield the updates allow for better variety price protection. “They’ll be able to ensure under early, mid or late season Highbush which will allow... Read More.

Tough decisions around crop insurance and farm programs in 2024

A crop insurance specialist says customers were focused on protecting revenues when selecting risk management tools this year. Lee Waters, a vp of crop insurance with Farm Credit Illinois based in east-central Illinois, tells Brownfield… “You know we do have lower input costs for corn... Read More.

Crop insurance and CRP in the farm bill

A leader with USDA says there has been some bipartisan support for crop insurance in farm bill discussions. Robert Bonnie, Under Secretary for Farm Production and Conservation, says the crop insurance title could be strengthened to help producers facing extreme drought and higher risks... Read More.

Lower revenue insurance prices expected

The Vice President of Farm Services at NAU Country Insurance says he’s expecting lower guarantees for revenue protection insurance this month. Rich Morrison says the base price isn’t finalized until the end of February and currently… “For corn, it looks like we might be down... Read More.

More wind events leading to added insurance options for farmers

An increase in damaging wind events across the Midwest has led to more insurance options for farmers. Doug Yoder, crop agency manager for Country Financial, says recent years have provided new challenges for farmers… “There’s no denying that Illinois farmers are experiencing different types of... Read More.

Lower Prices Affecting Crop Insurance Decisions

A specialist says farmers should factor in lower commodity prices when making their crop insurance decisions. Doug Yoder, crop agency manager for Country Financial, says if current prices hold through February, coverages will be impacted… “We’re at $4.74 average for the month of February thus... Read More.

Crop insurance deadline looms

Farmers are preparing for the March 15th crop insurance deadline. Compeer Financial crop insurance officer Dan Kendall says projected new crop prices will be considerably lower compared to a year ago. “Last year for corn we had $5.91, this year we’re going to probably be... Read More.

Crop insurance outlook

As congress works on the next farm bill, farmers are watching to see what happens with crop insurance. Cole Patrick with Compeer Financial says there are questions about how much money will be used for Title One, and that number could have major... Read More.

“Lackluster” crop insurance changes in 2024

A crop insurance specialist suggests there aren’t many changes farmers need to pay attention to in 2024. Cole Patrick is with Compeer Financial. “To be honest, it’s a little lackluster (compared to) last year’s update, we saw a lot come through the pipe in recent... Read More.

Approaching crop insurance

An insurance specialist suggests some farmers are approaching crop insurance differently. Nellie Urban with Farm Credit Services of America tells Brownfield, “In the last few years, we’ve seen more producers looking at how their risk management plan can maximize revenue opportunities rather than just... Read More.

Weaned calf insurance program pilots in 4 states

The USDA has launched a pilot program that will allow cow-calf producers to insure weaned calves. Risk Management Agency Administrator Marcia Bunger details the Weaned Calf Risk Protection program. “The product is going to mitigate loss of weight to those calves when they’re weaned due... Read More.