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Dairy heifer calving influencing dairy decisions

A dairy market analyst says crossbreeding dairy cattle with beef genetics has significantly reduced heifer inventories and the ability for farmers to grow. The Daily Dairy Report’s Sarina Sharp tells Brownfield that practice has helped diversify dairy farmer revenue streams and increased the value... Read More.

Geopolitics influencing grain markets

Geopolitics continue to influence grain markets. Glenn Wachtler with Compeer Financial’s Grain Team says ongoing conflicts in the Black Sea region and Middle East can spark price volatility at any moment. “The worldview geopolitical situation is really like a pot that’s simmering, and we hope... Read More.

Drought influencing seed decisions

A lack of soil moisture could influence planting decisions this spring. Central Iowa corn and soybean grower Corey Hillebo tells Brownfield 2023 was dry. “It has weighed on me a little bit. I’ve been selecting some seed lately for myself and for some customers... Read More.