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USDA February ag prices indices up from January

The USDA’s February ag price indices were up from January. The index of prices received by farmers was up 7.1% on the month due to gains in cattle, hogs, market eggs, and lettuce, which canceled out losses in corn, soybeans, wheat, and broilers. The dairy... Read More.

USDA ag indices decline in January

The USDA ag prices indices dipped to start 2024. The index of prices received for January was 1.4% lower than in December on declines for corn, soybeans, milk, and lemons, which canceled out rises in calves, broilers, market eggs, and lettuce. The USDA’s dairy index... Read More.

USDA price indices fractionally lower in December

The USDA’s indices of prices received and paid by farmers were both down in December. The USDA says the index of prices received was 0.4% lower than in November as losses in cattle, hogs, milk, and turkeys canceled out gains in corn, broilers, eggs,... Read More.

USDA ag price indices down in November

Farmers paid and made slightly less in November than October. The USDA’s index of prices received was down 0.1% on declines in corn, cattle, hogs, and turkeys against gains in soybeans, market eggs, lettuce, and strawberries. The USDA’s dairy index for November was a half... Read More.