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Online tool monitors animal comfort index in extreme heat

A Kansas State University Extension veterinarian says simple planning can help farmers manage heat-related stress in cattle. A.J. Tarpoff tells Brownfield farmers can adjust feed times to avoid heat generation during peak hours of the day. “So if we can feed more of that... Read More.

Global Dairy Trade index falls sharply

The Global Dairy Trade index dropped 6.9% in Tuesday’s trading session.  Only lactose had a small price increase, while all other dairy product values fell. Overall, 113 winning bidders purchased 24,138 metric tons of dairy products during 16 rounds of bidding. Anhydrous milk fat... Read More.

Global Dairy Trade index down Tuesday

The Global Dairy Trade index fell 0.5% during Tuesday’s trading session.  Prices were higher for butter, lactose, and skim milk powder, but lower for anhydrous milk fat, Cheddar cheese, and whole milk powder.  Buttermilk powder and Mozzarella cheese were not offered during Tuesday’s session.... Read More.

Global Dairy Trade index falls 2.3%

The Global Dairy Index fell 2.3% in Tuesday’s trading session. Prices for Cheddar cheese, buttermilk powder, lactose, and anhydrous milk fat rose while prices for skim and whole milk powder, butter, and Mozzarella cheese went down. Lactose prices rose 4.8% to $818 per metric ton... Read More.

Global Dairy Trade index up again

The Global Dairy Trade index is up for a fifth straight trading session.  The index rose 4.2% with an average price of $3,571 per metric ton Tuesday morning. The butter market jumped 10.3% higher to $6,516 per metric ton or $2.95 per pound. Cheddar cheese... Read More.