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California’s low carbon fuel standard hearing delayed

The California Clean Air Resources Board has postponed a mid-March hearing to consider amendments to the state’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard. U.S. ethanol groups submitted comments earlier this week on the proposal, which would set sustainability requirements for biofuel feedstocks in California. Renewable Fuels... Read More.

Lawmakers discuss SNAP funding during House Ag Committee hearing

Some lawmakers say food security needs to be the top priority in farm bill discussions. During a House Ag Committee hearing Wednesday, Ranking Member David Scott of Georgia said hunger cannot be overlooked. “We want to reduce hunger. Hunger is a serious problem.” He says... Read More.

Five-month FMMO hearing testimony under review

The National Milk Producers Federation expects its proposals for Federal Milk Marketing Order reform to be the foundation of conversations moving forward. Alan Bjerga tells Brownfield their organization is currently reviewing the 12,000-page transcript over the next 60 days for USDA. “This hearing would not... Read More.

Federal Milk Marketing Order hearing concludes

The USDA hearing into the Federal Milk Marketing Order system is over.  Economist Danny Munch with the American Farm Bureau Federation tells Brownfield it took a long time for stakeholders to provide testimony on the many different proposals. “This marked the 49th day... Read More.

Wisconsin implement lemon law bill hearing set

Wisconsin’s proposed lemon law for agricultural equipment is getting a public hearing Tuesday before the State Senate Agriculture & Tourism Committee. The bill’s Senate author, Andre Jocque from DePere says several farmers have talked to him about expensive machinery that has been back to... Read More.

Milk federal order hearing to end soon

A dairy economist says the hearing on the Federal Milk Marketing Orders that began in August is expected to conclude next week. Chuck Nicholson with the University of Wisconsin tells Brownfield USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service plans to wrap up testimony soon. “What I’ve... Read More.

Hearing on milk marketing orders resumes January 16th

An American Farm Bureau economist expects USDA’s hearing on milk pricing could wrap up early in the new year, but the process is far from over. Danny Munch says the Federal Milk Marketing Order hearing restarts in Carmel, Indiana January 16th after a holiday... Read More.