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Senate Republicans weigh in on H-2A costs

A Senate Ag Committee member says Republicans are calling for a wage freeze to the H-2A program. Indiana’s Mike Braun tells Brownfield the Department of Labor is setting minimum wages for H-2A quest workers farmers can’t afford. “It’s been complicated even more by what’s going... Read More.

Ag industry feeling effect of H-2A changes

Last year the U.S. Department of Labor instituted several rule changes to the H-2A visa program, and those changes are impacting farmers. Illinois Farm Bureau president, Brian Duncan says the eight new rules, specifically surrounding wage rate calculation, are making it more difficult for... Read More.

Employment expert hopes feds expand and reform H-2A

An agent for an agricultural labor agency is hoping the federal government makes reforms to the H-2A agricultural visa program. Beth VanDrie with Arlene Resource Management tells Brownfield she’s hopeful Washington makes changes to the H-2A beyond allowing year-round workers to help the dairy... Read More.

House Republicans call for H-2A wage freeze

New legislation has been introduced in the U.S. House that would freeze H-2A worker wages at 2023 levels. Michigan Republican John Moolenaar is the bill sponsor. “Sometimes these issues get caught up with immigration issues and others,” he says.  “We want to simplify this... Read More.

H-2A guest worker wage methodology pushing farms out

The American Farm Bureau Federation says Congress needs to address unpredictable and volatile wages for H-2A guest workers. Director of Government Affairs John Walt Boatright tells Brownfield the impact of the Adverse Effect Wage Rate increases is being felt by farmers across the country. “It’s... Read More.