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Bayer’s next generation of soybeans planned for 2027

Bayer’s North American soybean business lead says the company’s next generation of soybeans will help farmers in the fight against resistant weeds. Kacy Perry says the target launch for the HT4 soybeans is 2027. “So HT4 actually brings five unique herbicide tolerant traits which... Read More.

Ag Day event focuses on next generation ag workers

Educating the next generation of agricultural workers was the focus of a Wisconsin National Ag Day event.  Northcentral Technical College near Wausau is the only two-year campus in Wisconsin teaching ag and veterinary technician courses on their own campus farm.  During a student... Read More.

Solar generation does not pay every farmer equally

Many farmers across the country have been approached by energy companies and developers, asking them to consider having solar energy panels on their farms, but Compeer Financial’s David Dinnerman says not every farmer is getting paid the same. ...

Keeping Businesses Running from Generation to Generation

Sterling, Kan. - First Bank will be bringing in a nationally known speaker on succession planning this February.Jolene Brown, CSP, CPAE is an award-winning author specializing in helping families navigate the difficult waters of planning ahead.  Brown is often called the “Doctor Phil of... Read More.