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Ranking member details Republican farm bill framework

The ranking member of the U.S. Senate Ag Committee says the Republican farm bill framework provides the safety net and risk management tools farmers need. Senator John Boozman of Arkansastells Brownfield the safety nets currently in place aren’t working. “This is a... Read More.

Grassley says Boozman framework puts “farm” back in farm bill

U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley remains pessimistic about the farm bill getting done this year despite recent progress in the Senate Ag Committee. Ranking Member John Boozman released the GOP framework Tuesday, which Grassley says puts more “farm” in the farm bill. “Now, when it comes... Read More.

Senate Ag GOP releases framework for upcoming farm bill

The Ranking Member of the Senate Ag Committee says the Republican-drafted framework of the farm bill puts farmers first. Senator John Boozman of Arkansas says the framework released Tuesday modernizes the farm safety net, facilitates the expansion of access to overseas markets, makes significant investments... Read More.