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Iowa soybean farmers to celebrate National Soy Foods Month in April

An Iowa Soybean Association director says soy is a valuable protein source. April Hemmes tells Brownfield soybeans are packed with other nutrients including B vitamins, fiber, iron, calcium and phytonutrients. “When farmers think about soy, you don’t automatically go to the human use and... Read More.

West Liberty Foods to cut 260 jobs in eastern Iowa

A turkey processing plant in eastern Iowa has announced 260 workers will be laid off beginning next month. West Liberty Foods says it’s discontinuing its ready-to-eat slicing operations in West Liberty, Iowa. First-shift log fabrication operations and turkey harvesting will not be impacted. Company officials... Read More.

Tyson Foods to close Perry, Iowa pork processing plant

Tyson Foods has announced it’s permanently closing its pork packing plant in Perry, Iowa and an ag economist says he was surprised by the move. Allendale chief strategist Rich Nelson tells Brownfield most of Tyson’s financial issues have dealt with beef processing while pork... Read More.

The health benefits of red foods for Valentine’s Day

We’re often advised to eat the colors of the rainbow because each color contains different nutrients.  Since it’s Valentine’s Day and Heart Health Month, here are some fun facts about the red-hued foods we know and love. AUDIO: Healthy Living on benefits of red-hued... Read More.

Safer wheat-based foods for those with gluten sensitivity

Researchers at Kansas State University recently reported a breakthrough in developing wheat-based foods that contain lower amounts of gluten. Aaron Harries with the Kansas Wheat Commission says this could be big news for those who suffer from celiac or other autoimmune diseases. AUDIO: Healthy Living... Read More.

A lawyer’s perspective: the Tyson Foods lawsuit

An attorney says the loss of a Tyson Foods poultry processing plant in southeast Missouri has been costly to local farmers and the company should be held accountable. Russ Oliver with the Oliver Law Firm represents four poultry farmers who are suing Tyson to... Read More.

New 2023 Featured Fair Foods

By the Kansas State Fair HUTCHINSON, Kan. --- We're less than ten days away to the kick-off of the 2023 Kansas State Fair, which means we are less than ten days away to all the delicious fair food! While many of your favorites will be... Read More.

Tyson Foods, Inc. – New Sponsor at the Kansas State Fair

By the Kansas State Fair HUTCHINSON, Kan. — The Kansas State Fair welcomes Tyson Foods, Inc., as a new multi-year Sponsor and Partner!  The renowned food processor is supporting the Brand-New “Grand Size” high-definition LED media screen on the west side of the Nex-Tech Grandstand.The... Read More.