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Farmers finding retrofitting viable

Some farmers are finding retrofitting machinery a viable option in the current economy.               Central Illinois farmer Chris Stoller says they’ve retrofitted most of their machinery. “There’s not one piece of equipment that’s on our farm that is 100% from that manufacturer.”  He says, “We... Read More.

New tool makes finding conservation funding easier

A new online directory makes finding conservation funding easier for farmers.                 The manager of the Illinois Sustainable Ag Partnership (ISAP) says their Financial Incentives Database, or FIND, tool allows farmers to sort through over 60 incentive programs.  Helen VanBeck tells Brownfield… “The database can... Read More.

Finding an estate tax solution is a priority

The president of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association says finding a long-term solution to estate taxes has to be a priority for members.  Mark Eisele says the current Estate Tax exemptions sunset at the end of 2025.  He says solution is needed sooner rather... Read More.

Finding the Grain Handling System to Fit Your Operation

There is a lot for farmers to consider when contemplating the right grain handling system for a farm. In this Managing for Profit, Paul Brisebois, AGI Senior Vice President says farmers are often looking to increase productivity and make sure their system operates efficiently. The... Read More.

Finding the Right Solution to Your Farming Operation

Farm budgets are tight this year and making any investments or upgrades won’t happen without some serious thought and consideration.  In this Managing for Profit, Scott McKernan, AGI senior vice president of US Farm says AGI is focused on working with farmers to find the solution that best works... Read More.