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Ag groups give feedback on federal water legislation

Missouri agriculture groups are giving their feedback on what should be included in the Water Resources Development Act. The federal legislation (WRDA) outlines the projects the Army Corps of Engineers will work on to improve the nation’s inland waterway system and other water resources. “We’ve... Read More.

Schmitt: FALO still important at federal level

U.S. Senator from Missouri Eric Schmitt tells Brownfield it’s still possible for foreign ag land ownership to be included in the farm bill, but “there are vehicles other than the farm bill where we’re trying to address this. We’re going to continue,... Read More.

Judge blocks new federal Corporate Transparency Act

The new federal Corporate Transparency Act requiring businesses including farms to report ownership and management details to the federal government has been found unconstitutional by an Alabama judge. Attorney Amy Ebeling with the Ruder Ware law firm in Wisconsin says the plaintiff in the... Read More.

Federal court vacates dicamba registration

A federal court in Arizona has vacated the Environmental Protection Agency’s registrations of dicamba-based weedkillers from 2020, halting its use. The judge ruled that the EPA did not follow the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) notice and unlawfully approved dicamba for... Read More.

Federal Milk Marketing Order hearing concludes

The USDA hearing into the Federal Milk Marketing Order system is over.  Economist Danny Munch with the American Farm Bureau Federation tells Brownfield it took a long time for stakeholders to provide testimony on the many different proposals. “This marked the 49th day... Read More.

Milk federal order hearing to end soon

A dairy economist says the hearing on the Federal Milk Marketing Orders that began in August is expected to conclude next week. Chuck Nicholson with the University of Wisconsin tells Brownfield USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service plans to wrap up testimony soon. “What I’ve... Read More.

Federal solar siting listening sessions planned for January

The U.S. Departments of Energy and Agriculture are asking for stakeholder input on clean energy siting on farmland. Samantha Levy with American Farmland Trust tells Brownfield feedback collected during listening sessions in January will be used to form policy and programs that consider all... Read More.