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Survey finds Nebraska farmland values are moderating

An ag economist says farmland values in Nebraska are moderating. “We estimate the market value at about $3,835 an acre, about 5% over the prior year,” Jim Jansen with the University of Nebraska Extension says. This is the third consecutive year the university’s annual... Read More.

Farmland values weakening in southern Minnesota

Farmland values seem to be weakening in some parts of the Midwest. Farm management analyst Kent Thiesse tells Brownfield the market in southern Minnesota has changed a lot the last three months. “I’m not saying this is all over the U.S., but in some... Read More.

ODA expands the Farmland Preservation Program

The director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture says preserving the state’s farmland will allow growth in its ag sector. In 1998, the Office of Farmland Preservation created a voluntary agreement with farmers and the ODA to keep farmland for ag use. Brian Baldridge says landowners... Read More.

Availability and location driving farmland values

A certified appraiser in east-central Wisconsin says two factors are driving farmland values. Jeff Jens is with Compeer Financial. “Availability and location.” He tells Brownfield the amount of available land continues to be tight. “If a property comes up (for sale) that’s close by... Read More.

ISDA report says almost 2% of farmland has been lost since 2010

A recent report from the Indiana State Department of Agriculture shows the state has lost two percent of its farmland over the last 12 years.   ISDA director Don Lamb says the Inventory of Lost Farmland, commissioned by the Indiana Legislative Council, shows land has... Read More.

Farmland prices decline in June, RMI says

An ag economist says farmland prices have been decreasing. Ernie Goss with Creighton University says the latest Rural Mainstreet Index shows prices have now declined in back-to-back months. “I think we’ve seen a peak in terms of growth. Our number was only slightly below... Read More.

Farm Bureau says USDA needs solar recommendations for farmland

A policy specialist with the American Farm Bureau Federation says the organization wants USDA to outline solar development best practices for ag lands. Arica Hamilton tells Brownfield, “One part of a AFBF policy is to try and push solar developments to brownfield or conservation... Read More.

Farmland values remain strong despite financial headwinds

Midwestern farmland values remain strong despite a weakening ag economy. Compeer Financial director of appraisal Adam Schmidt says a dramatic increase in interest rates should put downward pressure on the land market. “Land is more expensive to finance, that investor category has other attractive alternative... Read More.

Signs of weakening farmland values

Several indicators point to weakening farmland values. Jim Rothermich with Iowa Appraisal tells Brownfield he tracks every land auction in the state and says there were at least nine no-sales in February. “That is a drastic increase. A year ago, February 2023, we had... Read More.

Large farmland sales continue across Midwest

An ag economist says farmland prices are showing no signs of slowing down. Ernie Goss with Creighton University says prices have expanded for 51 straight months. “With other opportunities out there not as strong, farmers are buying up their neighbors’ properties when the property... Read More.

Farmland market cycle reminiscent of 2012 to 2014

A farm real estate professional sees parallels between current farmland prices and the market a decade ago. Paul Schadegg with Farmers National Company says the runup in values reminds him of what occurred from 2012 to 2014. “If you look back through history, we have... Read More.