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MO dairy farmer: good forage available this year

A dairy farmer from southwest Missouri says drought conditions have improved tremendously this spring and that means more hay to feed cattle. Three months ago, the U.S. Drought Monitor showed Laclede County, Missouri in moderate drought and today the map shows no drought. Jack Dill... Read More.

Soil moisture improvement has a Kansas farmer optimistic

Precipitation is always a concern for a north-central Kansas farmer.   But Michael Junek tells Brownfield he’s optimistic about the year ahead. “We got a little bit of snow and sleet here the other day,” he says. “But some of our ponds are looking... Read More.

Illinois farmer says his goal is to do better every year

Northern Illinois farmer Steve Pitstick says his goal with every crop is to do a little better than the year before.   “Whether it’s selling price or average yield, we’re trying to increase it,” he says. He tells Brownfield after a couple of really volatile... Read More.

Iowa farmer has ‘never seen it this dry before’

Recent low pressure systems dropped some much-needed precipitation across parts of the Corn Belt. Eastern Iowa farmer Lance Lillibridge says his farm received significant snowfall. “We did get 8 inches of snow last Friday and it was amazing to watch that snow melt,” he... Read More.

Illinois farmer says there’s no rush to get in the field

After decades of farming, northern Illinois farmer Steve Pitstick says he’s in no hurry to start planting. As for when he’ll roll out the planter? “That question yesterday has a different answer than it would be today,” he says. “We had an 1.25” of... Read More.

Iowa farmer gearing up for spring fieldwork

A south-central Iowa farmer is preparing to begin spring fieldwork. Warren Bachman of Osceola says all his fertilizer was applied in the fall. “Basically other than changing the oil in a couple of tractors and greasing the corn planter and getting it out of the... Read More.

Minnesota farmer factors mild winter into cropping plans

A southcentral Minnesota farmer is factoring mild winter conditions into her plans for the upcoming growing season. Rose Wendinger of St. James says it’s been warmer and drier than normal the past few months. “We’re looking at all the research that we can for our... Read More.

Parts have been readily available, farmer says

Southwest Iowa farmer Duane Aistrope says the availability of parts hasn’t been an issue heading into spring. “I haven’t heard of a lot of problems with people getting parts,” he said. “It seems like as time goes on since the COVID deal, things are... Read More.