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Vilsack expects poultry line speed waiver extensions

Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says USDA will likely extend the waivers allowing faster poultry processing line speeds.  He says, “I think we will see an extension of this because we want to make sure we get the right information about whether or not... Read More.

National Milk expects more dairy consolidation in 2024

An ag economist for the National Milk Producers Federation says he expects an even higher rate of dairy farm closures in the coming year. Peter Vitaliano tells Brownfield the USDA’s February Milk Production Report shows last year the U.S. lost nearly six percent of... Read More.

USDA expects record trade deficit to be short-lived

Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says he expects the U.S. agricultural trade gap to be adjusted in the next few years. Ohio Congressman Max Miller questioned what his plans were to address the trade deficit which nearly doubled last year to $30 billion as part... Read More.

Livestock economist expects cattle inventory to decline again

A livestock economist says he expects an already small cattle herd to get smaller. University of Missouri livestock economist Scott Brown says just how small remains to be seen. “My crystal ball says 3% lower,” he says.  “We’ll see whether I’m right. But, don’t... Read More.

Analyst expects acre reduction in 2024

While grain traders guess at the split between 2024 corn and soybean acres, one analyst says he thinks overall acreage will be lower.  Jeff Peterson with Heartland Farm Partners says there are indications farmers will plant fewer corn, soybean, and wheat acres this... Read More.

USMEF expects more growth for U.S. pork in Mexico

Mexico continues to be a leading market for U.S. pork producers. Dan Halstrom, president and CEO of the U.S. Meat Export Federation, says Mexico’s demand for American pork has been surging. “Number one, the economy is relatively strong,” he said. “Number two, we had... Read More.

USMEF expects strong year for pork in ‘24

The president and CEO of the U.S. Meat Export Federation says pork exports are in a strong position to start the year. Dan Halstrom tells Brownfield purchasing power picked up steam in 2023 despite some economic challenges. “We’re looking at somewhere in an 8-to-10%... Read More.

USDA expects a little less milk, fewer cows in 2024

USDA has adjusted the 2023 dairy production and cow inventories downward, and they’ve lowered their 2024 expectations.  Friday’s supply and demand report shows 2023 milk production was lower than anticipated with fewer cows on farms and slower growth in milk output per cow. USDA... Read More.

CountryMark expects to co-process renewable diesel by 2025

The head of CountryMark says its co-processing project will benefit farmers as the refinery integrates more sustainable fuel into its production. Matt Smorch tells Brownfield the liquid fuels industry needs to adapt to demands to decarbonize. “There’s going to be a tremendous growth for any... Read More.