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EATS Act faces GOP opposition in U.S. House

Legislation in the U.S. House that would address Proposition 12 is getting some pushback by a group of Republicans. In a letter to House Ag Committee Chairman Glenn “GT” Thompson, the lawmakers said the Ending Agricultural Trade Suppression (EATS) Act should not be included... Read More.

Group of food companies led by ButcherBox opposes EATS Act

A group of food companies critical of legislation that addresses Proposition 12 is calling on Congress to take a closer look. Mike Salguero, founder of direct-to-consumer meat company ButcherBox, says more than 20 companies plan to send a letter to key congressional partners outlining... Read More.

Prop 12 solutions beyond EATS Act

Congressional opponents of California’s Proposition 12 are considering alternative solutions for pork producers if federal legislation fails. U.S. House Agriculture Committee member Angie Craig tells Brownfield the EATS Act, which would prevent states from regulating interstate trade and agricultural practices, faces significant hurdles in... Read More.

Grassley urges action on EATS Act with Prop 12 fully in place

A U.S. Senator is urging Congress to act fast with Proposition 12 now fully in effect. Iowa Republican Chuck Grassley says California’s “terrible” law will result in higher prices for pork producers and consumers, and could lead to interstate trade wars. “Congress must act quickly... Read More.