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Hot, dry weather helping some crops catch up

Tar spot is starting to show up in parts of the Corn Belt and an agronomist at the University of Kentucky says he continues to monitor its movement. Dr. Chad Lee tells Brownfield its hot enough that it tends to keep tar spot away.... Read More.

Another hot and dry week for Tennessee crops

USDA says it was another hot and dry week for Tennessee farmers, allowing them to get a lot of fieldwork done. Reporters say farmers were able to harvest winter wheat and bale hay, as well as finish planting corn, cotton, and soybeans. Some spraying... Read More.

Iowa farmer has ‘never seen it this dry before’

Recent low pressure systems dropped some much-needed precipitation across parts of the Corn Belt. Eastern Iowa farmer Lance Lillibridge says his farm received significant snowfall. “We did get 8 inches of snow last Friday and it was amazing to watch that snow melt,” he... Read More.

Could a dry planting season repeat 2023?

An agronomist says the fading El Niño weather pattern will likely coincide with an early planting season. Mitch Roth tells Brownfield the warm, dry conditions in the northern U.S. might be ideal for fieldwork, but, “It can also be problematic if it stays dry.”... Read More.

Farmer braces for ‘extremely dry’ planting season

A southwest Iowa farmer says he’s less than a month away from planting. “The 5th of April time frame is when I’ll probably get started,” Duane Aistrope said. Aistrope says farmers in his area are dealing with extremely dry conditions. “In the past years, we’ve... Read More.

Ohio sees generally warm, dry February

The mostly mild winter has continued in Ohio. The USDA says statewide temperatures for February were about eight degrees warmer than normal and while precipitation was under the usual levels, soil moisture retention has been good. Wide swings in temperature throughout the course of the... Read More.

Dry conditions a concern in Minnesota

Dry, warm conditions have some farmers in Minnesota on edge. The USDA says February was warm and dry for most of the state, leaving forage crops open to potential winterkill and potentially impacting spring planting. Even with that dry weather for much of the month,... Read More.

More than 60% of Michigan abnormally dry

Michigan saw a mostly warm and dry month. The USDA says 62% of Michigan fell into the abnormally dry or worse category for February, including 31% experiencing moderate drought and 3% seeing severe drought, with the Upper Peninsula and northern Lower Peninsula in the... Read More.

Dry conditions impact Illinois’ soil moisture

Warmer, drier conditions were the big ag weather feature for Illinois in February. The USDA says average statewide temperatures were 10 degrees above usual levels, while precipitation was more than an inch short of normal, impacting soil moisture levels ahead of spring planting. 66% of... Read More.

Mild, largely dry mid-Winter weather covers the Heartland

Across the Corn Belt, mild, dry conditions are spreading eastward.  Tuesday’s high temperatures will top 65°F in the southwestern Corn Belt, including parts of Missouri and Nebraska.  The renewed warm weather is quickly eroding a patchy snow cover that had developed last week. ... Read More.