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Dog tracking gains steam in Iowa

Deer hunting season is right around the corner in Iowa, and a local dog tracker is offering some helpful tips to aid hunters in successful deer recoveries. Chris Moffett is from South-Central Iowa, and tells Brownfield dog tracking is an ethical method to... Read More.

Depictions of the Dog Days

By Kim Baldwin, McPherson County farmer and rancher The summer heat of 2023 continues to make itself known. While I hear the local weather personalities referring to this heat as part of the “Dog Days of Summer,” I can’t help but wonder when this extreme... Read More.

Recovering deer with a tracking dog

Tracking a deer can be a difficult task, especially if the hunter executed a poor or marginal shot. Longtime hunter Shane Simpson of Minnesota (pictured above) says he’s been helping hunters find their deer with his tracking dog since 2017. Learn more about his tips... Read More.