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Iowa farmer feels confident with planting decisions

An eastern Iowa farmer says he was able to avoid replanting any of his crops. Adam Rahe raises over a thousand acres of corn and soybeans near Dyersville. “Luckily, we did not (replant). We got about 700 acres in on the first go in... Read More.

Tough decisions around crop insurance and farm programs in 2024

A crop insurance specialist says customers were focused on protecting revenues when selecting risk management tools this year. Lee Waters, a vp of crop insurance with Farm Credit Illinois based in east-central Illinois, tells Brownfield… “You know we do have lower input costs for corn... Read More.

Dairy heifer calving influencing dairy decisions

A dairy market analyst says crossbreeding dairy cattle with beef genetics has significantly reduced heifer inventories and the ability for farmers to grow. The Daily Dairy Report’s Sarina Sharp tells Brownfield that practice has helped diversify dairy farmer revenue streams and increased the value... Read More.

Lower Prices Affecting Crop Insurance Decisions

A specialist says farmers should factor in lower commodity prices when making their crop insurance decisions. Doug Yoder, crop agency manager for Country Financial, says if current prices hold through February, coverages will be impacted… “We’re at $4.74 average for the month of February thus... Read More.

Making Decisions for 2024 Growing Season

The 2024 growing season is right around the corner, and on this week’s episode of Managing for Profit, an expert with AgroLiquid suggests paying attention to small details can help growers make some important decisions for their operations. ... Making... Read More.

KSU course helps farmers with management decisions

A farm financial analyst with Kansas State University says an updated online course can help farmers and ranchers better understand financial statements as they make management decisions. LaVell Winsor tells Brownfield producers are allowed to complete the ‘Finances and the Farm’ course on their... Read More.

Drought influencing seed decisions

A lack of soil moisture could influence planting decisions this spring. Central Iowa corn and soybean grower Corey Hillebo tells Brownfield 2023 was dry. “It has weighed on me a little bit. I’ve been selecting some seed lately for myself and for some customers... Read More.

Inflationary pressures still limiting farm decisions

An ag economist says inflation will continue to be a major stressor in the year ahead. Todd Davis is with the Indiana Farm Bureau. “While the inflation rate is slowing down, we still have the cumulative effect of all those costs that have been baked... Read More.