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How Weather in Outer Space Could Cost Farmers $1 Billion

By David Condos   HAYS, Kan. (HPPR/KNS) — Kansas farmers battered by drought and heat now have more weather to worry about — in outer space. An expected surge in solar flares over the next several years will likely send massive bursts of radiation hurtling toward our atmosphere.... Read More.

Energy: Another input cost plaguing farmers

A central Illinois farmer says energy has joined fertilizer on the list of expensive inputs with questionable availability. Len Corzine tells Brownfield their farm’s electric bill has more than doubled. “We have natural gas for our dryer and the delivery charge for that has gone... Read More.

Interest rates the forgotten input cost

An official with America’s largest non-bank agricultural lender suggests the input not being talked about enough is interest rates. Curt Covington is with AgAmerica. “People forget that interest, in what farmers are paying to their lenders, is a real input cost. So when it goes... Read More.

The cost of harvest

The cost of harvesting this year’s crop is weighing on the minds of farmers like Jamie Beyer in west-central Minnesota. “Every time that tractor needs fuel, it’s a $2,000 decision. And we have to do a lot of drying of our grain typically in... Read More.

Cost of exporting ag products still rising

The cost of U.S. ag exports is rising without signals of slowing down. Tony Clayton, owner of the livestock export company Clayton-Agri Marketing, tells Brownfield two years ago it was about half a million dollars to send a plane with livestock to China… “Now you... Read More.