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New weed control tools that work

Broadleaf weeds and grasses can be difficult for growers to manage, and having access to a corn herbicide that provides consistent control can really make a difference.  In this Managing for Profit, John Buol, North America Technical Manager – Selective Herbicides, with Bayer CropScience talks... Read More.

Providing farmers with the weed control they need

Heading into the upcoming growing season farmers need weed control that works. In this Managing for Profit, Erica Strittmatter, traits and systems marketing communications manager for Bayer CropScience talks about establishing a weed management program, spraying early, and the yield benefits of the Roundup Ready... Read More.

Access to new weed control tools

Every growing season farmers fight for clean fields.  But broadleaf weeds and grasses are a challenge year-after-year.  In this Managing for Profit, Marcel Mesquita with Bayer shares how TriVolt Herbicide, which will be available for the 2023 growing season, can help farmers in the fight... Read More.

Providing consistent weed control in 2023

Having access to a corn herbicide that provides consistent control of broadleaf weeds and grasses is a game changer for farmers. In this Managing for Profit, Elizabeth Brand with Bayer CropScience talks about TriVolt, a powerful new tool available to retailers and growers for the... Read More.

A full slate of weed control options is crucial

Managing weed resistance continues to be one of the biggest challenges farmers across the country face every growing season.  Padma Commuri, head of R&D in North America for BASF Agricultural Solutions says producers should work with local extension experts, agronomists, or weed control experts... Read More.

Managing weeds with burndown and residual control

Controlling weeds is one of the biggest challenges farmers face every growing season.  In this Managing for Profit, Dominik Hoffman talks about TriVolt and how the new corn herbicide helps growers achieve clean fields by controlling grass and broadleaf weeds. ...

Weed control plan

Corteva Agriscience U.S. market development specialist Doug Jones says there’s no time like the present to plan your 2023 soybean weed control program. He tells Brownfield if there were areas that fell short this season, consider steps to improve performance like tweaking herbicide application timing... Read More.

Hinson says inflation is getting out of control

US Congresswoman Ashley Hinson says soaring inflation and out of control input costs are putting the squeeze on farmers. The Iowa Republican tells Brownfield, “Farming is an energy intensive industry, and right now diesel is over $5 per gallon,” Hinson said. “And we’re staring... Read More.