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USDA reduces combined wheat outlook slightly

All wheat production is pegged at 1.734 billion bushels, a reduction of five million from July, with a fractionally lower yield guess, now at 45.8 bushels per acre, against slightly higher planted and harvested area numbers, at 49.8 million and 37.9 million acres,... Read More.

McPherson Park and Tree Boards to be Combined

By Lucky Kidd, Ad Astra Radio  MCPHERSON, Kan. - An new ordinance that combines the McPherson Park and Tree Boards was adopted by the McPherson City Commission Tuesday. Commissioners asked City Attorney Jeff Houston to research whether the two boards could be... Read More.

U.S./Canada combined cattle, hog inventory down

The combined U.S and Canadian cattle and hog herds have gotten tighter. That’s led by U.S. cattle producers liquidating due to drought and U.S. hog producers cutting inventory to improve profitability. According to the USDA and Statistics Canada, the combined cattle herd on July... Read More.