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USDA to invest $138M in climate-smart easements

The USDA has announced a $138 million investment in climate-smart conservation easements. Carrie Lindig, NRCS Easement Program Division Director, says the funds will help jumpstart conservation projects on land that has the most potential to reduce or capture carbon, methane, or nitrous oxide emissions. “One... Read More.

Dairy cooperative incentivizes climate-smart practices through USDA grant

A dairy cooperative incentivizes climate-smart practices through a USDA grant. Tim Trotter from Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative and Farmers for Sustainable Food says the 50-million-dollar grant helps them line up their farms with commodity opportunities under USDA’s Climate Smart Commodities program. “So, it’s... Read More.

Wheat growers ask USDA for more consistency in rewarding climate-smart ag

The National Association of Wheat Growers want USDA to adopt more consistent standards as farmers are incentivized for planting cover crops in regenerative ag programs. CEO Chandler Goule says harvesting wheat disqualifies farmers from accessing some voluntary USDA conservation programs, because winter wheat... Read More.