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Rehagen: Clean fuels industry has never been stronger

The CEO of Clean Fuels Alliance America says production of biodiesel, renewable diesel, and sustainable aviation fuel is set to exceed six billion gallons by 2030. Donnell Rehagen tells Brownfield the industry has never been stronger. “It’s really driven by these decarbonizing markets,” he... Read More.

Farmers see economic benefits of clean fuels production

The rise of the clean fuels industry continues to add value to soybean oil and it’s beneficial to farmers raising the crop. Matt Stutzman raises 3,000 acres of corn, soybeans and hard red winter wheat in southeastern Michigan. “I’m a producer, so anytime they... Read More.

Biodiesel availability top of mind at 2024 Clean Fuels Conference

The availability of biodiesel is a focus of this year’s Clean Fuels Conference. Hanna Campbell, demand specialist with the Michigan Soybean Committee, says biodiesel is growing in popularity in her state, but, “Unfortunately, we’re just kind of waiting for that supply to catch up,”... Read More.

Clean Fuels sees sustainable future for biomass-based diesel

A biofuels policy expert says the U.S. EPA’s final 2023 production numbers show sustainable growth for biomass-based diesel. Kurt Kovarik is vice president of federal affairs for Clean Fuels Alliance America. “In 2022, US production was about 3 billion gallons, and in 2023 US... Read More.

Strategizing for Clean Fuels

Supply chain strategic partnerships are an important part to the development of clean fuels. Chief Operating Officer Doug Whitehead with Clean Fuels Alliance America says from the truckers to fuel producers, these partnerships have allowed growth in putting biodiesel in the market. ...

Different Crops Offer More Clean Fuel Options

Clean Fuels Alliance America Consultant Alan Weber tells Brownfield that there are several different crops that can be used as clean fuels. He says there will be more discussion during the 2024 Clean Fuels Conference about these crops and future forecasts. ...

Clean fuels production expected to increase in 2024

A biofuels supporter says demand is increasing for clean fuels like biodiesel and renewable diesel heading into 2024. Nebraska farmer Greg Anderson is a governing board member for Clean Fuels Alliance America. “In 2021 we were about 2.5 billion gallons and in 2022 we... Read More.

Be sure to thoroughly clean dry fertilizer applicators

Farmers are encouraged to thoroughly clean dry fertilizer applicators once fall fieldwork is finished. Nathan Druffel with Heartland Ag Systems tells Brownfield fertilizer dust and debris is very corrosive. “And you want to get that off of the machine, the chassis, the box, the booms,... Read More.

The fight for clean fields

Controlling weeds is one of the biggest challenges farmers face each and every growing season. In this Managing for Profit, Marcel Mesquita with Bayer shares how TriVolt herbicide, which was launched in 2023, helped farmers fight those tough to control key grass and broadleaf weeds.

Acuron herbicide keeps fields clean

“The key to keeping waterhemp at bay is never letting it get out of the ground.” Wade Meteer, sales representative for Syngenta based twenty miles north of Springfield, Illinois, tells Brownfield weeds and weed resistance are a huge challenge for farmers today, and Acuron... Read More.