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NEFB assessing ongoing ag labor situation

The president of Nebraska Farm Bureau says ag labor reform needs to be a priority this year. Mark McHargue tells Brownfield workers from other countries have provided crucial support to American agriculture. “You just can’t go anywhere without talking about the labor situation,” he... Read More.

Assessing soybeans early in the season

How well did soybean planting go? In this Pods for Profits, soybean extension educator Mike Staton with Michigan State University shares how to evaluate soybean stands after planting and what populations can still be profitable if there was poor emergence.  ...

Assessing the global food crisis

The special envoy of food security at the US State Department says millions of people are facing acute food insecurity around the globe. Cary Fowler says increased agricultural production can help tackle the current global food crisis. “The humanitarian need is going to overwhelm us... Read More.

Cattleman is assessing losses following Bovee wildfire

Nebraska Sandhills rancher Lemoyne Dailey says he’s spent the last two weeks assessing damages from the latest wildfire.  “We’ve lost somewhere between 800 and 900 acres we’re estimating,” he says. “I haven’t figured out the miles of fence yet, but I’m going to... Read More.

Assessing the season

Illinois farmer Paul Butler says weeds are always a challenge, and being 90 percent no-till, he points to waterhemp and marestail as the most problematic. Butler made the switch to the Enlist weed control system this year and says it was easy to do and... Read More.

Assessing the summer land market

An ag real estate expert says the land market continues to thrive. Randy Dickhut with Farmers National Company tells Brownfield, “We’re seeing good quality crop land that is still steady. Some places it’s still somewhat stronger than it was even a few months ago.” But,... Read More.