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Broiler sets, placements above a year ago

Broiler sets and placements were up on the year. The USDA says 243.791 million eggs entered incubation, slightly more than the week before that and 2% above a year ago, with average hatchability holding at 79%, heading for meat production in April. 187.749 million chicks... Read More.

January red meat production a little bit above a year ago

U.S. red meat production was slightly larger in January 2024 than January 2023. The USDA says commercial red meat production to start the year was 4.768 billion pounds, a modest increase on the year, with beef and pork both up 2% at 2.281 billion... Read More.

Broiler sets, placements under week, year ago

Broiler sets and placements were lower last week, implying a tighter supply of chicken this spring. The USDA says 241.541 million broiler type eggs were placed into incubators, slightly less than both the previous week and last year, with average hatchability declining to 79.3%. 185.477... Read More.

Broiler numbers stay below a year ago

Broiler hatchery numbers continue to point to tighter chicken supplies in early 2024. The USDA says 231.052 million eggs were placed into incubators last week, 4% below a year ago, while the average hatchability improved slightly, remaining around 80%. 184.577 million chicks were moved into... Read More.