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More wind events leading to added insurance options for farmers

An increase in damaging wind events across the Midwest has led to more insurance options for farmers. Doug Yoder, crop agency manager for Country Financial, says recent years have provided new challenges for farmers… “There’s no denying that Illinois farmers are experiencing different types of... Read More.

The added benefits of on-farm data analysis

Channel Seedsman utilize data collected from crops during key stages of development to make better recommendations for farmers as they’re planning for the upcoming growing season. In this Managing for Profit, Channel Seedsman Elizabeth Pfaff shares how she uses the latest technology to help farmers... Read More.

Dispute challenges testing added legal mechanisms in USMCA

An ag trade expert says current disputes with Canada and Mexico would not be possible without added legal processes negotiated in the U.S. Mexico Canada Trade Agreement. Former assistant to the U.S. Trade Representative for Agriculture Sharon Bomer-Lauritsen tells Brownfield, “The USMCA process is... Read More.

Michigan Congressional leaders speaking out on added H-2A fees

A bipartisan group of Michigan lawmakers say a proposed rule to increase filing fees for seasonal guestworker visas will negatively impact farmers. Congressman Bill Huizenga tells Brownfield farmers using the H-2A program are already facing a nearly 13 percent wage increase this year. “We’re seeing... Read More.

Reducing added sugars in school milk

Dairy processors that represent more than 90 percent of school milk production in the U.S. have agreed to provide school milk options with no more than 10 grams of added sugar in each serving. Matt Herrick, with the International Dairy Foods Association, says flavored... Read More.

The added benefits of asparagus 

From white to purple, to green, and even wild – asparagus is starting to pop up in gardens (and grocery stores) all across the US.  Registered dietician Kim Galeaz says all kinds of asparagus are good for you – but did you know the... Read More.

Possible added health benefits of a popular cheese

A new study from BMJ Nutrition Prevention & Health suggests eating Jarlsberg cheese may help ward off osteoporosis. If you’re unaware, Jarlsberg, is a mild, swiss-type cheese made from cow’s milk.  It is rich in Vitamin K2 which studies have found to improve bone... Read More.