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Barton Community College Announces Fall 2023 Graduates

By Barton Community College Barton Community College has announced its list of graduates who earned associate degrees or certificates for career training during the fall semester of 2023. In-State students: Belleville Ty Sothers, A.A.S.Burdett Rachel McJunkin, A.A. Elizabeth Rasmussen, A.S.Chapman Joshua Hettenbach, A.A.S. Dylan Meyer, A.S.Cheney Rylan Doshier, A.S.Clay Center Chayla Maichel, Child... Read More.

Could a dry planting season repeat 2023?

An agronomist says the fading El Niño weather pattern will likely coincide with an early planting season. Mitch Roth tells Brownfield the warm, dry conditions in the northern U.S. might be ideal for fieldwork, but, “It can also be problematic if it stays dry.”... Read More.

2023 red meat, poultry, dairy stocks down from 2022

2023 ended with tighter supplies of red meat and poultry in cold storage than 2022. The USDA says the red meat total at the end of last year was 929.03 million pounds, 99.198 million pounds less than the previous year, largely due to better... Read More.

2023 poultry production tops 2022

U.S. poultry production in 2023 was 52.58 billion pounds, an increase of 439.663 million pounds from 2022. The USDA says most of that was chicken at 46.975 billion pounds, up 196.257 million on the year, with turkey at 5.457 billion pounds, 234.676 million more... Read More.

2023 U.S. egg production below 2022

U.S. egg production declined from 2022 to 2023. The USDA says that for the year ending November 30th, 2023, production totaled 109.526 billion eggs, slightly lower than the previous year, with a larger number of laying hens, up to 382.338million head, canceled by lower... Read More.

Missouri Dairy Hall of Honors selects 2023 winners

The Missouri Dairy Hall of Honors has recognized a new class of leaders for their contributions to the state’s dairy industry. Third-generation dairyman Sean Cornelius milks 120 cows and farms 1,200 acres in Hamilton.  He received the Dairy Leadership Award for his work creating... Read More.

Hutchinson Fire 2023 Awards

By the Hutchinson Fire Department HUTCHINSON, Kan. — 2023 was a great year for HFD. We moved into new Fire Station #1 on North Main. We received our new Truck 1 - 100’ ladder truck. We brought... Read More.