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Joe Kelly

Joe Kelly

Joe Kelly

About Joe Kelly

Joe has been a resident of Kansas since he moved to the area to go to Wichita State in 1978. He’s single and he’s in love with Kansas and the people here.

“Kansas has been really good to me since I moved here over 40 years ago. I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be…. except maybe on a beach somewhere… like Cheney Reservoir!”

Joe is a BIG, BIG dog lover who believes in helping animals. He has three dogs, ALL rescues! Boo Boo, a 195lb Great Dane, a Pit Bull named Cleo and Nancy. He’s not sure what Nancy is but she showed up on his porch several years ago and just won’t leave!

When Joe isn’t riding his motorcycle, you can find him poolside takin’ it easy. That is if he isn’t cutting the grass and doing his chores.

If you’d like to send a picture of your dog, or your motorcycle, or just to say, “hey” then email him at [email protected].

He’d love to hear from you!