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The Bulldogs Dominate the Coyotes on Senior Night


McPherson College Athletics


McPHERSON, Kan. ( – The Bulldogs had an electric start and kept the momentum all night long.

In the 11th minute  Saul Munoz had the first goal of the night to put the Bulldogs on the scoreboard three minutes later Munoz assisted #22 Abdul Kanu on the second goal of the match.

In the 22nd minute #13 Sam Box finds the back of the net for his first goal of the night.  The Coyotes sneak in a goal going into the half but the Bulldogs lead 3-1.  35 seconds into the second half #13 Sam Box gets his second goal on the night adding another anther point on the board for the Bulldogs.  4 minutes later Sam Box for the hat trick!  Giving the Bulldogs a 5-1 lead.  #22 Abdul Kanu got another one off to add to the Bulldogs lead and with his second goal of the night.  #30 Anslem Nyambuka gets a late goal off for his first collegiate goal! The Bulldogs win 7-2

The Bulldogs will wrap up Conference play on Saturday October 29th at 1:30 in Sterling, KS.

Senior Night Highlights
Here are some words to the Seniors from Coach Doug Quint

Antoine Detavenier- “You came here as a 17 your old scared of life. You were always worrying about things ans second guessing yourself. You leave this place a confident man willing to take chances and if you make a mistake you will get up and try again!”

Nipho Methula- “You bring such a passion to the game and life itself. You wear your passion on your sleeves and through the thick of things you always find a way to flash that smile. Carry that passion with you and continue to use it positively throughout your journey.”

Sam Box- “We have been through a lot the last 4 years. Through it all you stayed true to yourself. I will certainly miss the laughs we have as a team on your account. I wish you nothing but the best.”

Joe Chapman– “You have persevered to be where you are today. I appreciate your realness and willingness to tell things as they are. There is no bull with you and the world is a better place because of guys like you..”

Lucas Williams– “You have been an impact in so many ways since you stepped foot on this campus. You are a man of incredible integrity and someone that people can always count on. There is no doubt that wherever life takes you success will find you.”

Dan Connell-“You have etched your name in history here at McPherson College. You ha had so much impact on your teammates, students, fan administration and certainly me as a coach. i am humbled to have been able to be a part of this journey with you. I could never thank you enough.”

Colby Swift– “Colby we have had a long successful run journey together. Since you were 10 you have protected my goal from opposing forwards . You have cemented a special place in my heart and i am very, very proud to see the man you are today. Thank you Colby from the bottom of my heart for showing your trust in me all these years.”

Kaden Quint-“Kaden this place has been your home since day one. For 20 plus years you have been runnning all over campus begging for candy, playing in the gym, yelling at the players for not finishing shots, making that save or just to run faster. One of my favorite memories is you yelling at Kavin Lamm While he was running… why do you always finish last. Tun faster, you are so slow… you would say. Needless to say time has gone by way too fast! I am so proud of the man you have become.”