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MMS Girls Wrestlers Claim First in Final Tournament of Inaugural Season


McPHERSON, Kan. – The McPherson Middle School Girls Wrestling team concluded their inaugural season on Thursday, finishing first, as they hosted four other schools. The Pups had a number of first place individual finishes including Pera Bauer, Amara Dossett, Tempe Bruner, and Riley Clemmons.

Head Coach Matt McCasland reflected on the season by noting, “Above all else, this group of fierce young women is one of the most fun groups of kids that I have had the privilege of coaching. These girls have a level of energy and personality that is unmatched.” McCasland said, “Wrestling is one of the most physically demanding sports there is. These girls battled through injuries, emotional defeats, tough practices, and the challenges of learning a brand new sport like champions.”

McCasland added, “They showed tremendous commitment to their own success, but more importantly to the success of their teammates. Every match had a line of girls sitting matside screaming their hearts out. They celebrated each other’s success, and they picked each other up after every loss.” He said, “On top of that, their success on the mat this season was untouched by anyone else. Nine of our thirteen athletes were first year wrestlers, and the other four are only in their second year. As a team, they finished with a combined record of 130 wins and 64 losses. That is a winning percentage of almost 70%. This blew away all expectations that our staff had coming into this season.” 

He concluded by saying, “As a coaching staff, we are so proud of what this group was able to accomplish this season. We love each and every one of these girls, and we are so excited to watch how they continue to grow as they continue their careers at the high school level.”

Below are the complete results from the McPherson Round Robin Tournament: 

Team Results: 

1st Place: McPherson 

2nd Place: Haysville West 

3rd Place: Clearwater 

4th Place: Newton 

5th Place: Haysville 

Individual Results: 

99 lbs Places 

  • 1st Place – Hayden Strickland of Clearwater 
  • 2nd Place – Peyton Hennes of Newton 
  • 3rd Place – Eliza Jex of McPherson 
  • 4th Place – Cody Rose of Newton 

Match Results 

  • Peyton Hennes (Newton) won by fall over Eliza Jex (McPherson) (Fall 2:02) ● Hayden Strickland (Clearwater) won by fall over Eliza Jex (McPherson) (Fall 0:13) ● Eliza Jex (McPherson) won by major decision over Cody Rose (Newton) (Maj 9-0) 

106 lbs A Places 

  • 1st Place – Brookelyn Treaster of Newton 
  • 2nd Place – Tylee Wison of McPherson 
  • 3rd Place – Lainey Rhea of Haysville West 
  • 4th Place – Jada Arneson of Haysville 

Match Results 

  • Tylee Wison (McPherson) won by fall over Jada Arneson (Haysville) (Fall 0:39) ● Tylee Wison (McPherson) won by fall over Lainey Rhea (Haysville West) (Fall 2:24) ● Brookelyn Treaster (Newton) won by fall over Tylee Wison (McPherson) (Fall 2:42) 

110 lbs Places 

  • 1st Place – Pera Bauer of McPherson 
  • 2nd Place – Reese Mohr of Clearwater 
  • 3rd Place – Lily Alvarez Garcia of Newton 
  • 4th Place – Aniyis Yowell of Haysville 

Match Results 

  • Pera Bauer (McPherson) won by fall over Aniyis Yowell (Haysville) (Fall 0:16) ● Pera Bauer (McPherson) won by fall over Reese Mohr (Clearwater) (Fall 1:35) ● Pera Bauer (McPherson) won by fall over Lily Alvarez Garcia (Newton) (Fall 0:17)

116 lbs Places 

  • 1st Place – Amara Dossett of McPherson 
  • 2nd Place – Remi Cain of Clearwater 
  • 3rd Place – Michelle Bungard of Newton 
  • 4th Place – Leah Rowland of Clearwater 

Match Results 

  • Amara Dossett (McPherson) won by fall over Leah Rowland (Clearwater) (Fall 0:30) ● Amara Dossett (McPherson) won by fall over Michelle Bungard (Newton) (Fall 1:34) ● Amara Dossett (McPherson) won by fall over Remi Cain (Clearwater) (Fall 3:19) 

126 lbs Places 

  • 1st Place – Noemi Downs of Clearwater 
  • 2nd Place – Amia Barrera-Prado of McPherson 
  • 3rd Place – Stephanie Lopez-Arumbur of Newton 
  • 4th Place – Martha Cardiel-Duran of Newton 

Match Results 

  • Amia Barrera-Prado (McPherson) won by fall over Martha Cardiel-Duran (Newton) (Fall 0:41) ● Amia Barrera-Prado (McPherson) won by fall over Stephanie Lopez-Arumbur (Newton) (Fall 0:49) ● Noemi Downs (Clearwater) won by fall over Amia Barrera-Prado (McPherson) (Fall 3:24) 

130 lbs Places 

  • 1st Place – Mariah Wille of Haysville West 
  • 2nd Place – Peyton Newell of Clearwater 
  • 3rd Place – Sophia Shmitt of Newton 
  • 4th Place – McKenna Paul of McPherson 

Match Results 

  • Mariah Wille (Haysville West) won by decision over McKenna Paul (McPherson) (Dec 4-1) ● McKenna Paul (McPherson) Injury Forfeit

136 lbs Places 

  • 1st Place – Ryah Bristol of Newton 
  • 2nd Place – Molly Owen of McPherson 
  • 3rd Place – Kalleigh Davis of Newton 
  • 4th Place – Adyson Sharbutt of Haysville 

Match Results 

  • Molly Owen (McPherson) won by fall over Kalleigh Davis (Newton) (Fall 3:31) ● Molly Owen (McPherson) won by fall over Adyson Sharbutt (Haysville) (Fall 0:30) ● Ryah Bristol (Newton) won by fall over Molly Owen (McPherson) (Fall 3:19) 

140 lbs Places 

  • 1st Place – Tempe Bruner of McPherson 
  • 2nd Place – Lilly Clements of Haysville West 
  • 3rd Place – Brynn Budde of Newton 
  • 4th Place – Karla Torres of Newton 

Match Results 

  • Tempe Bruner (McPherson) won by fall over Karla Torres (Newton) (Fall 1:49) ● Tempe Bruner (McPherson) won by fall over Lilly Clements (Haysville West) (Fall 0:44) ● Tempe Bruner (McPherson) won by fall over Brynn Budde (Newton) (Fall 0:54) 

145 lbs Places 

  • 1st Place – Jaiden Rowe of Newton 
  • 2nd Place – Addison Zerger of Newton 
  • 3rd Place – Chloe McMillen of Clearwater 
  • 4th Place – Maddie Snook of McPherson 

Match Results 

  • Addison Zerger (Newton) won by fall over Maddie Snook (McPherson) (Fall 0:45) ● Chloe McMillen (Clearwater) won by fall over Maddie Snook (McPherson) (Fall 0:27) ● Jaiden Rowe (Newton) won by fall over Maddie Snook (McPherson) (Fall 1:44)

150 lbs Places 

  • 1st Place – Riley Clemmons of McPherson 
  • 2nd Place – Olivia Gonzalez of Newton 
  • 3rd Place – Tyler Whitman of Haysville 
  • 4th Place – Caylee Garver of Newton 

Match Results 

  • Riley Clemmons (McPherson) won by fall over Caylee Garver (Newton) (Fall 0:15) ● Riley Clemmons (McPherson) won by fall over Olivia Gonzalez (Newton) (Fall 0:16) ● Riley Clemmons (McPherson) won by fall over Tyler Whitman (Haysville) (Fall 0:22) 

180 lbs Places 

  • 1st Place – Liv Miller of Clearwater 
  • 2nd Place – Addie French of McPherson 
  • 3rd Place – Gracie Wilcynski of Newton 
  • 4th Place – Elizabeth Garcia of Newton 

Match Results 

  • Addie French (McPherson) won by fall over Elizabeth Garcia (Newton) (Fall 1:22) ● Addie French (McPherson) won by fall over Gracie Wilcynski (Newton) (Fall 1:54) ● Liv Miller (Clearwater) won by fall over Addie French (McPherson) (Fall 0:28)