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MMS Girls 7/8 Basketball Teams Win Big Thursday, Taking Three of Four Against Newton-Chisholm


The McPherson Middle School Girls Basketball teams were able to score at will, winning in double digits in three of the four games on Thursday against Newton-Chisholm.

The 8th Grade A-Team was stellar defensively defeating Newton-Chisholm 48-5. Head Coach Heidi Ricke noted after the game, “These girls are such a fun group to watch and coach.  They came out ready to play this evening.  Jaela had another outstanding game, leading our team with 25 points.”  

Coach Ricke said, “The girls’ defense was outstanding this evening, only allowing Newton to score 5 points and coming up with 24 steals and only committing 3 fouls the entire 1st half.  Offensively the girls showed a major improvement with their ball handling only turning the ball over 4 times the entire game.  The girls worked hard at free throws this week at practice and it really showed this evening, shooting 75% from the line.” Ricke concluded by saying, “Tonight was just a really good overall night for our team and a really good team win.”

Game Stats:

Jaela Thompson:  25 Points; 3 Rebounds; 7 Steals (Leading scorer)

Brynn LittleJohn:  9 Points; 3 Rebounds; 2 Steals; 1 Assist

Rylie Whitfield:  7 Points; 6 Steals; 1 Assist

Carmin Pavlovich:  4 Points; 1 Rebounds; 6 Steals; 2 Assist

Piper Alvord:  3 Points; 2 Rebounds; 7 Steals; 3 Assist

Molly Owen:  0 Points; 0 Rebounds; 1 Steal; 1 Assist


In the 8th Grade B-Team game, the Pups would fall 14-5. Coach Heidi Ricke said, “The girls showed a lot of heart tonight and played hard although we came up short in the end.” Ricke added, “Unfortunately, we found out right at the start of the game that Newton-Chisholm was going to only be playing 2 quarters of the game, which was disappointing because the girls have worked really hard this past week at practice.”

Ricke concluded by saying, “The girls executed their offensive sets well tonight, unfortunately their shots would just not drop.  Molly Owen and Rylee Holt both played really well tonight, but there is just no stat for hustle and defensive effort.  The girls have a lot to be proud of and to build on for next week’s game.”

Game Stats:

Molly Owen:  4 Points; 1 Rebound; 2 Steals

MacKaylie Woltje:  1 Points; 5 Rebounds; 1 Steal

Amia Barrera-Prado:  0 Points; 2 Rebounds

Rylee Holt:  0 Points; 3 Rebounds; 2 Steals


In the 7th Grade A-Team Game, the Pups would defeat Newton 31-15, Head Coach Matt Sandbo said, “Kennedy and Karlie were able to finish on the block early.” Sandbo said, “Newton has improved and has some good athletes,” he added, “but fortunately, so do we.”

Game Stats:

Kennedy Bonham 11 points, 5 rebounds

Karlie Cooper 8 points, 6 rebounds

Amerie Lowery 6 points, 3 steals

Audra Sandbo 4 points, 6 assists

Jersey Alexander 2 points

Allison Randa 3 steals


In the 7th Grade B-Team Game, the Pups were dominant, winning 41-2. Coach Sandbo said, all the girls who played scored, and there were some nice plays that were made in the game.
Game Stats:

Allison Randa 13

Karlie Cooper 9

Jaylinn Major 6

Rut Diaz Chay 4

Haleigh Kirkbride 4

Kennedy Bonham 4

Eliza Jex 1