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MMS 7th and 8th Grade A-Teams Open Scoring First 20 Points Against Hutch


HUTCHINSON, Kan. – The McPherson Middle School Girls Basketball teams took on the Hutchinson Salthawks on Monday, where the Pups would win three of the four games played between the 7th and 8th grade teams.

The 8th Graders were dominant in the A-Team game, winning 62-9. Head Coach Heidi Ricke was proud of her team following the game and said, “It was such a fun night of basketball.” She added, “Our team played exceptional tonight and controlled the game from the very beginning leading 24-0 at the end of the 1st quarter.  We played a very well-rounded game, executing on the offensive side to absolutely dominate the game on the defensive end, coming up with 31 steals.  Both Jaela Thompson and Carmin Pavlovich ended up with a double-double tonight.  The entire team came out ready to play tonight.  We got some extra help from the bench this evening who contributed meaningful minutes towards the win. 

A-Team Stats:

Jaela Thompson 25 points; 11 Steals; 2 Rebounds; 1 Assist

Carmin Pavovich:  14 points; 10 Steals; 6 Assist

Rylie Whitfield:  9 points; 3 Steals

Brynn LitteJohn:  6 points; 5 Rebounds; 1 Steal; 1 Assist

Piper Alvord:  4 points; 3 Rebounds; 1 Steal; 1 Assist

Sara Diaz:  4 points; 2 Steals

Piper Alvord: 4 points; 3 Rebounds; 1 Steal; 1 Asist   

Molly Owen:  2 Steals; 1 Assist

MacKaylie Woltje: 1 Rebound

Ari Prose:  1 Steal


In the B-Game, the Pups would win 21-4 after a half. Coach Ricke said, “The girls put on a rebounding show tonight, grabbing 15 total rebounds in just 2 short quarters.”  Molly Owens had 10 of the 15 rebounds and Ricke said Owens, “absolutely crushed the boards.”  Coach Ricke concluded by saying, “Everything finally came together both offensively and defensively.  They came up with 17 steals, 3 assists, and only committed 5 turnovers. It was a great game.”

B-Team Stats:

Riley Holt 7 points; 2 Rebounds; 2 Steals  

Molly Owens:  4 pts; 10 Rebounds; 4 Steals; 2 Assists.

Ari Prose:  4 pts; 1 Steal; 1 Assist

Sara Diaz:  2 pts; 1 Rebound; 1 Steal

MacKaylie Woltje:  2 pts; 2 Rebounds; 1 Steal

Arrianna Nowell:  2 pts and 3 steals

Riley Clemmons:  2 steals


The 7th Grade A Team would defeat Hutch 43-11, and Head Coach Matt Sandbo said, “We came out ready to play, and started the game on a 20-0 run.” Sandbo added that the team had good balance with multiple contributors.

A-Team Stats:

Audra Sandbo 10 points, 8 assists, 6 rebounds

Amerie Lowery 9 points, 5 assists, 5 steals

Jersey Alexander 8 points, 4 steals, 4 rebounds

Kennedy Bonham 8 points, 8 rebounds

Karlie Cooper 8 points


The B-Team would fall 34-16, Coach Sandbo mentioned they had to play without subs “The girls battled through not having some players due to sickness.”

B-Team Stats:

Jaylinn Major 6

Karlie Cooper 4

Eliza Jex 2

Haleigh Kirkbride 2

Kennedy Bonham 2